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Road Trip Day 13 & 14:

Short Blog today! I am trying to catch up on blogs from the past couple of days so I am writing to you from Spokane, Washington! I have a blog post ready for tomorrow morning and I think you'll love it! But for now, I want to tell you what I did on Thursday and Friday!

Thursday was a travel day as we left our hotel in Lincoln, Nebraska! About 6 1/2 hours and 443 miles later we arrived in Cheyenne, Wyoming! It was a beautiful drive there with a lot of farms to look at along the way! It was funny because when we started to come up on the Nebraska & Wyoming border, the terrain changed to green mountains. It was absolutely beautiful! We checked into the hotel and got settled, then went to the state capital! No private late-night tour this time, but it was a cute little building with amazing architecture. After the capital, we ate some dinner at none other than the most famous burrito place in Cheyenne............. TACO BELL! It was delicious after the long drive! After our gourmet burritos, we hit the hay and woke up for a long drive in the morning.

Friday was another long drive as we headed to the first major destination of the trip. That'll be a surprise for tomorrow if you haven't guessed it already, but we left our hotel in Cheyenne and drove northwest for about 6 hours and 8 minutes (391.8 miles) towards Cody, Wyoming. I basically gave it away, but that would be our final destination for the night. Along the way, there were many tiny towns, and a long stretch of nothing but peaceful wilderness to accompany us. There were a few storms in the distance heading toward us, so we needed to keep on chugging! I am pretty sure I saw what mid-westerners call twisters out in the distance. We did arrive to Cody in one piece, however. We ate some delicious burgers and went to bed to grab an early morning the next day for a short drive to... I almost spoiled it for you. Sorry, but that will be for tomorrow's blog! As always:

Safe Travels,


Attached is the Wyoming State Capital:

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