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Summer 2023 Road Trip Day 3:

Hello! This is day three of this awesome summer road trip! Yesterday, we did all sorts of awesome things like the Arlington National Museum, The National Archives Museum, and the different Smithsonian museums. First, we went to the Arlington National Cemetery where we saw all sorts of different statutes and unique gravestones. In addition, we saw a very special ceremony at the unmarked soldier's grave where they have a changing of the guard's ceremony. They have a guard outside of each of the unmarked solider's graves where a guard paces in order to keep watch over the graves. Every 30 minutes in the summer and every hour in the winter, they change guards in order to keep the guards hydrated and to give them breaks. The guards pace and change direction every 30 minutes. Next, we went to the national archives museum. There we saw a whole bunch of documents that were "archived" and put up for display. Some documents include famous ones such as the Magna Carta, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence, and even the United States Constitution! It was so neat to see! After that, we headed over to the Smithsonian Museum. There I got to see and learn about different things like the ocean, fossils, and light pollution. We went next door to the other Smithsonian to learn about American history. We learned about different wars there as well as different events that got America to where it is today. In the pictures below, you'll see a bit of haze in the background. This is from the fires up in Ottawa, Canada as you may know. The air quality was awful today, but I will get into it more next time. For now, please be praying for the families and people in Ottawa and its surrounding communities as they battle this brutal fire. On the bright side, we had a fun day today as well! However, that'll be for next time. I cannot wait to read any comments people have. And until next time...

Safe travels!


Below are some photos from yesterday! Enjoy!

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