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Summer Road Trip Day 11&12:

Hello! I am currently writing to you from our hotel in Cheyenne, Wyoming! I cannot wait to tell you about my adventures in the past few days! A few days ago, we went to the Omaha Zoo in Nebraska! I cannot wait to tell you about it!

Our drive today was only about 4 hours to Lincoln, Nebraska where we would stay due to the College World Series. The drive the next morning was not too bad, only taking about an hour to head back to Omaha.

We woke up early in the morning on Wednesday in order to visit the zoo! We saw all kinds of different animals from snakes to gorillas to giraffes to rhinos. It was so cool! The Omaha Zoo houses over 17,000 different animals! A unique thing about the zoo is that it has a desert dome right when you walk in! That was definitely my favorite part of the zoo! That part of the zoo has animals like snakes, bats, alligators and so much more! They have a cave that is in the desert dome as well! Another thing I love about the Omaha Zoo is that you can get extremely close to all of the animals. They have all sorts of little barns where you can go and get more information about certain animals. The one that we went to had a baby giraffe in there! The zookeeper explained that the baby was abandoned by her mother because she had problems. There was another older mom giraffe who treated the baby as her own. It is apparently super rare for that to happen. Little things like that made this zoo stand out from the rest! I loved the aquarium that they have as well! I personally love aquariums and this one blew all of my expectations! There were so many cool fish. They even have a touch tank at the beginning of the aquarium! In the touch tank, they have starfish, actual sharks, shells, and shark eggs which were beginning to develop while we were there so we got to see the little pup moving inside of the egg! So neat!

The next blog will hopefully be published later today explaining days 13 and 14! It will be relatively short but I will explain where I've been the past few days. I will be back on schedule tomorrow when I explain where I was on days 15&16. I hope you enjoyed today's blog!

Safe Travels!!!


Attached are pictures from the past couple days! Enjoy!

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