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Summer Road Trip Day 4:

Wow! Day 4 already! What a start it has been for this road trip! Lots of fun things that we have seen and done so far! Yesterday, we woke up to a hazy morning. I looked at the weather app on my phone, and to my surprise, the air quality was at 300! For reference, it should be as close to 0 as possible, so it was very hard to breathe. This was the first time since the 2020 pandemic that I had seen so many people wearing N-95 masks to protect themselves. There still was plenty to see and do, however. Our first stop was at the Library of Congress! Exhibits here show what made America what it is known for today. Upstairs, there is a massive library that Congress uses to this day! There are books also that demonstrate how to run a country there. There is also an ancient Greek bible up there too which was very interesting to see. Our next stop is the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, they were not open today. However, I did manage to get a picture of the outside of the building. Our third and final stop of the day is the Kennedy Center. The Kennedy Center is a theater dedicated to him after his assassination in 1963. We passed through the country flag hall where all the countries that exchange resources with us and vice versa are hung. We continued to one of the theaters where we got a private tour of the Presidential suite, as well as a private box. There were many beautiful statues throughout the theater. We also got to check out different lounges as well in which all had beautiful and unique architecture. We next got to check out the porch on top of the building. There were great views of Arlington, Virginia, as well as views of the Air Force Memorial and the National Mall. The tour in all was about 2 and a half to 3 hours long. It was very cool to see and learn about the history of the Kenedy Center. All in all, today was long, but extremely fun! I learned a lot about the history of Washington D.C. as well as its greatest monuments. That'll be for next time as I take you through the Downtown Washington D.C. monuments and museums. Until next time...

Safe Travels,


Attached are some pictures from yesterday! Enjoy!

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