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Summer Road Trip Day 8

Hello everyone! We have officially left our home in Nashville, Tennessee to start to head to our hometown in California! Yesterday we stopped in Kansas City, Missouri. Not Kansas! We are staying with some relatives that live nearby. Today's drive was roughly 573 miles long with a total drive time of 9 and a half hours! We drove through 4 different states to get to where we are today! Tennessee, Kentucky, Illinois, and Missouri! Today's drive took us through the countryside where there were many different farms and trees to keep us company! The best thing about road trips is that you see everything at ground level and you see every detail that the US has that you would normally miss in the air. We saw trees, barns, corn (lots of it), animals, and many fellow travelers. Today we saw more of Kansas City, Missouri, and the history that it has to offer. However, that'll be for next time!

Unfortunately, our visit here in Kansas City is a bit of a short one this time around, however, I have been here a couple of times. One thing that I would recommend to you is the Negro League Museum! If you love history and baseball, this is the perfect place for you! It goes through the history of the segregated baseball league way back in the day. It includes jerseys and equipment from when the league was running. It is a must-see! While you are downtown, it is fun to take a short trip to Union Station to learn some history as well. It is a train station that is still in operation. They offer a lot of stunning art, architecture, and is packed with history. It is fun to spend a few hours there to take it all in! It's also always fun to go catch a baseball game while you are here as well when the Royals play at home. The passionate Royals fans will make this experience extremely fun! Kauffman Stadium is a one-of-a-kind stadium! If there is no game while you are in town, the stadium offers many different types of tours that take you to different parts of the stadium where the general public is not allowed on game day. This is a great alternative to a home game to see the stadium! Kansas City is home to one of the best barbeque places as well. Gates Barbeque is KC's own barbeque place! It is very good food and their Gates sauce is one of a kind! Every time we come, we take a bottle home because it is so good! In addition, there are many free things to do if you are traveling on a tight budget as well! Kansas City has many different parks and architecture to view all for free admission. The Adkins Art Museum is a fun little art museum that features a lot of sculptures and paintings from various artists with different cultures and backgrounds. They have a park that features massive Shuttlecocks used for Badminton. I haven't been anywhere else for free that I could recommend, but I know that there are a lot of different options out there for travelers that are on a budget.

What to look forward to the next couple of days:

We plan on leaving Kansas City in the next few days. We are heading about two hours north to Omaha, Nebraska to check out the best zoo in the US. I am very excited to see all the animals and attractions that they have there! From there, we will head to Yellowstone in Wyoming. We have seen the southern route that includes the Old Faithful Geyser, so we are checking out the northern route! I promise the blogs will get a little longer, but for now, they are a bit short :) .

That's all for now! Until next time!!

Safe Travels!


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