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Summer Road Trip Days 5, 6 & 7:

Hello everyone! I am writing today's blog from my home in Nashville, Tennessee! I am excited to tell you what I had the opportunity to do in my final days in Washington D.C.! First of all, I want to apologize for not posting for a few days. I was exhausted from our adventures in the final days and needed a few days to rest, but I am back and ready to grind! I will break the days down into different paragraphs to make for easier reading as well as if you want to skip around a bit! I hope you enjoy!

Starting off on day 5, we got to go see the majority of the memorials that D.C. has to offer. We saw the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, the Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial, the Martin Luther King Junior Memorial, The Korean War Memorial, The Vietnam War Veterans Memorial, and finally, the Holocaust Memorial/Museum. All were very well done and very sad to see. I am so thankful every day that I wake up that I am in the country that I live in. I am thankful for all of our veterans who put their lives on the line every day to protect our rights and the freedoms that are held in our country. I would like to highlight the Holocaust Memorial/Museum in particular, however. It was very well put together and really demonstrated what it probably was like for these poor people. It really showed just how harshly people of the Jewish faith were treated.

Moving on to day 6, we got to go to and see the Pentagon as well as the 9/11 Memorial. At the 9/11 memorial, we listened to an audio tour of the Memorial. In the audio tour, they have survivors come on to share stories about what they remember. The Memorial is a bunch of benches arranged a certain way. The side of the benches have the names of the people who died. They are arranged by the year the people were born. If the end of the bench faces The Pentagon, they died in the airplane that crashed into the building. If it faces away from The Pentagon, they died while inside the building. It was such a great way to remember the events of 9/11 and remember the people and first responders who died that day as well as all of the heroes that helped to save people during that tragic day. After we went to the 9/11 Memorial, we went to the Museum of the Bible! This museum was very interesting because it showed the history of Bibles! It had many different exhibits demonstrating what the early Bible looked like! There was one museum in particular that stood out to me. It was talking about a project where the goal was to have a bible translated into every language by the year 2038 I believe. It broke Bibles down into certain categories such as: partially translated, fully translated, the new or old testaments were translated, etcetera. That project was very fascinating to me. They had a mini ride where it took you around D.C. to show where biblical references were used. That was pretty cool to see just how often the bible is referenced in our nation's capital. They had a theater that had you walk from room to room to learn more about the early Bible. They had so much to do to make the day extremely fun! We left the museum and went to get something to eat for dinner. We got some sandwiches and headed down to the Lincoln Memorial to watch the United States Army Band play a concert there! It was so much fun and they sounded amazing!

Day 7 was the sad day, going home. We had to leave the awesome hotel room that we got to call home for the past week to embark on a 10 1/2 hour journey back to our real home in Nashville Tennessee! It was a very long day that saw us traveling about 700 Miles in one day! It was a beautiful drive home. We made only two stops since we were so eager to get home. One in Roanoke, Virginia, and the other in Crossville, Tennessee to visit... you guessed it the one and only BUCEE'S! If you've never heard of Buc-ee's, it is a MASSIVE and I mean MASSIVE gas station with hundreds of gas pumps to fill up at. When you walk into the "convenience store" you really walk into a mini supermarket. They have the best food from their famous brisket sandwiches to their beaver chips, it is always worth the visit. I am not sponsored by Buc-ee's yet by the way. I love their food and store though! We got caught in a massive thunderstorm after leaving Buc-ee's, but that never stopped us from getting back to our house in one piece!

We are staying home for a few days to recharge, the we are hitting the road again to head towards Yellowstone National Park. Our final destination on the trip will be Southern California to see some family and friends then we will head home. I am excited to have you all on the journey with me! If you have enjoyed reading this, I recommend filling out the email form on our home page to stay connected. An email will be sent to you every time I upload a blog so you can stay up to date! Until next time:

Safe Travels!


Attached are some pictures from the last days of our journey in Washington D.C.

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