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Summer Road Trip Days 9 & 10:

Good morning everyone! I am currently writing to you from my hotel in Lincoln, Nebraska! What a trip it has been so far! Washington D.C., Kansas City, and many more future destinations have made this trip a great one so far! I wanted to update you this morning about what has happened the past two days!

Monday, we went sightseeing in Downtown Kansas City, Missouri! We went to The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art to look at all of the art pieces inside and outside of the museum. They have massive Shuttlecocks used to play Badminton. Obviously, they aren't actually used for that as they are the largest in the world! Inside the museum, they have beautiful art pieces from many different cultures for people to see! They have paintings, sculptures, and illusions from artists all over the world! The best part of this museum is that it has free admission! It is definitely worth the visit if you are anywhere near downtown!

Yesterday, we packed our bags, and left our relative's house as we continue to head towards Seattle, Washington! But first, we had to make a little detour and head north to Omaha, Nebraska! We ended up staying in Lincoln, Nebraska, but we are going there today to go to the zoo! Omaha's Zoo is rated #1 in the country right in front of my favorite zoo, The San Diego Zoo! I am very excited to visit all of the animals and the different activities they have there! Yesterday's drive only was about 4-4 and a half hours from Kansas City with a total of roughly 213 miles, so it was a very easy day.

With all of that being said, I am looking forward to telling you all about today's activities! Have a great day, and as always...

Safe travels!


Attached are some pictures of Monday's adventures! Enjoy!

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